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Alexandra Knapp Rodman

Hometown:  Evansville, Indiana

Current Residence: 
Paris, France

Why we love being involved in Betterment:  We all dream, “When I win the lottery...”

We used to complete that sentence with, “We would buy a home in Europe and then establish a foundation to assist those in need.”

Well, we have yet to pick the winning numbers, but we still feel that we have hit the jackpot. We have a wonderful marriage, healthy children, a wealth of supportive friends and family members, fulfilling jobs, a warm home and food on the table. Others are not so fortunate. Though we might not have a great deal of money to make a tremendous difference in the lives of those people, our support, along with that of others can touch entire communities.

The Foundation for Community Betterment for us is a group of young people who realize the strength in numbers. They understand that together, with our collegues, friends and families, we can touch those around us and better communities in the process. We see the Betterment Foundation not only helping those in need, but being an example of the power of changing lives for future generations.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that success is “to know that one life has breathed easier because you have lived.” He’s right. That’s why we decided the house in Europe could wait.

Betterment couldn’t.

community betterment