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Amy Weisbrod

Hometown:  Canton, OH

Current Residence: 
Canton, OH

Why I love being involved with Betterment: Betterment has created or filled a gap in my world.  As a stay at home mother, I was not able to reach out to others the way I did as a case manager and group counselor.  The Foundation for Community Betterment has offered me that peace of mind knowing that I am trying my hardest to help someone else and/or my community.  I returned to my hometown, after living in Cleveland, Ohio, to be closer to family and to raise a family of my own.  I value what Canton, Ohio has to offer and longs to offer in the future.  I wanted to be a part of making Canton flourish.... and what a better way than through Betterment!  Betterment has not only filled my empathetic heart, but it has also giving me an alley to meet new friends and chat with the old!  Thank you.

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