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Marc Milkie

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Current Residence: University Heights, OH

Why I got involved in Betterment: 
When I was ill in 2002, Betterment found out about my, and my family’s situation (Wegener’s Granulomatosis and bi-lateral below knee amputations), and extended a helping hand in the form of a financial donation that allowed me to eventually learn to drive with my hands and outfit the family van with the necessary equipment.  Their generosity, and the realization of how fortunate I am has given me the motivation/incentive to extend the same hand to others who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

As a former recipient, I can certainly speak to the powerful and immediate impact Betterment has on the individuals and organizations we touch.  What I find truly amazing and inspirational, is the knowledge that each of the recipients we help, in turn, in their own philanthropic endeavors, helps many others…the ripple effect, as we call it.  The financial support from our donors, each dollar of it, continues to create value again, and again, and again. 

community betterment