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Past Recipients

To date the foundation has supported the following recipients:


                  301.Loretta Carnahan, OH

                  300.Barr Family, OH

                  299.Affronti Family, NY

                  298.Town of Hammond, NY

                  297.Grace House of Memphis, Memphis, TN

                  296.Melissa Sholders, West Deptford, NJ

                  295.The River Hospital, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  294.Marcia Hayden/Jerry Fitzgerald, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  293.Tony Hyde, Canal Fulton, OH

                  292.Mikaela Pinaflor, Hartville, OH

                  291.Cooking with Cuyahoga Kids, Rocky River, OH

                  290.Lorain Cooperative Ministry, Lorain, OH

                  289.Rachel Zyzanski, Mayfield Heights, OH

                  288.The Singer/Smithir Family, Endicott, NY

                  287.Barnes Family, Windsor, NY

                  286.Kate Pinkney, Olney, MD

                  285.Sarah Smith, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  284.Cherie Rogers, Hammond, NY

                  283.Steve Zofchak, Monroe Hills, OH


                  282. John & Samantha Polamobaro, Apalachin, NY

                  281. Denise Weber, Whitney Point, NY

                  280. Christina C., Maryland

                  279. Briere Family, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  278. Joanne Senecal, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  277. The Sierra School of Todos Santos, Mexico

                  276. Mary Ramsdell, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  275. Liliana Cordova, Chicago, IL

                  274. Adrienne Roth, Canton, OH

                  273. Tegan Wise, Massillon, OH

                  272. Beech Creek Botanical Gardens and Nature Preserve, Alliance, OH

                  271. Canines Helping Independent People (CHIP), Canton, OH

                  270. The Dupuy Family, Endicott, NY

                  269. Hammond Barn Quilt Trail , Hammond, NY

                  268. Hammond Backpack Program , Hammond, NY

                  267. Hammond PTO , Hammond, NY

                  266. Chippewa Bay & Black Lake Fish & Game Clubs , Hammond, NY

                  265. Alexandria Bay Fire Department, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  264. River Community Wellness Program, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  263. Village of Alexandria Bay, Public & Youth Improvement Team, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  262. Alexandria Central School Back Pack Club, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  261. The Hanhauser Family, Avon Lake, OH

                  260. The McFarland Family, Severna Park, MD

                  259. Ashley & Carolynn Swanson, Hammond, NY

                  258.  Susan Speranza, Vestal, NY

                  257. Chris Carrasquillo, Alexandria Bay, NY


                  256. Rachel & Riley Molhman, Lake Worth, FL

                  255. Ursuline Piazza, Cleveland, OH

                  254. Simon Wibbe, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  253. The Shoffer Family, Chicago, IL

                  252. Michelle Stallings, Arnold, MD (INF Recipient)

                  251. Bill Murtha, Binghampton, NY (INF Recipient)

                  250. Sara Brown Quattrocchi, Binghamton, NY

                  249. Transitional Housing, Inc, Cleveland, OH

                  248. Jessica Zimmerman, Cleveland, OH

                  247. Gustavo Morales, Cleveland, OH

                  246. Levi Murphy, Canton, OH

                  245. Angie Conley Family, Canton, OH

                  244. Donovan R., Edgewater, MD (INF Recipient)

                  243. Hearts for Youth, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  242. Gordon Court Apt. Complex, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  241. Community Wellness Program, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  240. Chris Carrasquillo, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  239. Norman Horner, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  238. Shawni Mehaffey, Canton, OH

                  237. Caitlin Washko, Southgate, MI

                  236. The Littleton Family, Cary, NC (INF Recipient)

                  235. The Hinman Family, Fort Drum, NY

                  234. Cathy Cross, Palm Beach, FL

                  233. The Hernandez Family, Palm Beach, FL

                  232. Andy Buehl, Cleveland, OH (INF Recipient)


                  231. Rauner Family YMCA, Chicago, IL

                  230. Paul Fitzgerald, VA (INF recipient)

                  229. Laura Coles, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  228. Sam Brown, Binghamton, NY

                  227. Jean Stevens, Binghamton, NY

                  226. Halle Land, Canton, OH

                  225. Hammer & Nails, Canton, OH

                  224. Friends of the Pound, Canton, OH

                  223. Spencer Rumer, Sandusky, OH

                  222. The Hiser Family, Sandusky, OH

                  221. The Lyon Family, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  220. The Swanson Family, Buffalo, NY (INF Recipient)

                  219. The Wall Family, Dana Point, CA (INF Recipient)

                  218. River Community Wellness Program, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  217. Diane Fowler, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  216. Thrift Store of Alexandria Bay, NY

                  215. Ryan Shaoff, Canton, OH

                  214. Helen Louise Thomas, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  213. Canton Palace Theatre, Canton, OH

                  212. Rose Dobbins, Canton, OH

                  211. Archbishop Lyke School, Cleveland, OH

                  210.Daniele Stantucci, Chicago, IL, (INF recipient)

                  209.  Brian Jameson, Cleveland, OH

 208. Karen Burns, Cleveland, OH

 207.  American Association of Caregiving Youth, Palm Beach, FL


                  206. Damion Barkie, Williston, ND

                  205. Brian Tidd, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  204. Jeff Bates, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  203. Cuyahoga Community College Women in Transition Program, Cleveland, OH

                  202. Global Brigades, Dayton, OH

                  201. Megan & Brant Kolb, Annapolis, MD

                  200. Tilly Coyle, Annapolis, MD

                  199. Project Rebuild, Canton, OH

                  198. Solid Rock Therapeutic Riding Center, Canton, OH

                  197. Monica Snyder, Canton, OH

                  196. Rosemary Savage, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  195. Royce Newberry, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  194. Eva Dethier, Virginia

                  193. Jay Bowling Children's Fund, NY

                  192. Kelly Downey, Alexandria Bay, NY

                  191. The Alexandria Bay Fire Department, NY

                  190. The DePuy Family, INF Alexandria Bay, NY

                  189. The Cobb Family, INF Alexandria Bay, NY

                  188. Donna Hand, INF Alexandria Bay, NY

                  187. Jennifer Nagel, NY, INF Recipient

                  186. The Murphy Family, Canton, OH

                  185. Jeremy Morris, West Palm Beach, FL

                  184. The Rolley Family, Newburgh, IN, INF Recipient


                  183. Ryan Hunter, Alexandria Bay

                  182. Ronald Stokes, Jr. Memorial Fund, Canton, OH

                  181. Matt Isenberg, IL

                  180. Danny Shanz, Washington, DC

                  179. William Gillis, MI

                  178. Carolyne Ryan, Palm Beach, FL

                  177. Paul Smith, Canton, OH

                  176. Safe Kids Stark County, OH

                  175. Lacrosse on 3, inc, OH

                  174. The Children's Network of Stark County, Canton, OH

                  173. Rob & Lizze Gorski, Canton, OH

                  172. Adam Lewis, VT

                  171. Chris & Jill Alves, Seattle, WA

                  170. MOMS Club of Carnation, Seattle, WA

                  169. The Schauer Family, Canton, OH

                  168. Alexandria Bay INF in honor of Ron McLennan, NY

                  167. Alexandria Bay Historical Society, NY

                  166. Mark Hurst Family, NY

                  165. Harrison Snow, Lake Worth, FL

                  164. New Life Community, Cleveland, OH

                  163. Gretchen Grace Hetzel, Cleveland, OH

                   162. The Kilmartin Family, Avon Lake, OH

                  161.  Desiree T., Chicago, IL


160. Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART), Chicago, IL

159. Laetitia Brice, Palm Beach County, FL

158. Danny Shanz, Washington, D.C.

157. Darcy Thiel/ Tim Colvin Family, Buffalo, NY

156. Buffalo Ski Club, Buffalo, NY

155. Danica Snyder, Canton, OH

154. Ronald Stokes Jr., Canton, OH

153. Margaret B. Shipley Child Health Clinic, Canton, OH

152. The J. Babe Stearn Center, Canton, OH

151. Chris Petty, Seattle, WA

150. Issaquah Valley Elementary School PTA, Seattle, WA

149. Alexandria Central School Back Pack Club, Alexandria Bay, NY

148. The Reynolds Family, Alexandria Bay, NY

147. Robin Scott, Alexandria Bay, NY

146. Becca Babcock, Chicago, IL

145. Nick Santucci, Cleveland, OH

144. Brenna Hannan, Cleveland, OH

143. The Straniero Family, Cleveland, OH

142. Nancy Temple, Cleveland, OH


141. Don Sofonia, Cleveland, OH

140. The Leonard Family, Wilmington, DE

139. Dena, Iraq

138. The Schneiders Family, Canton, OH

137. Amelia, Chicago, IL

136. Joe Alden, Washington, D.C.

135. Mitchell Brown, Chicago, IL

134. Buffalo Ski Club Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

133. Kathleen Johnson, Buffalo, NY

132. Buffalo Urban Outdoor Education Inc., Buffalo, NY

131. Holimont Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

130. Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

129. Healing Waters, Buffalo, NY

128. Excalibur Leisure Skills Center, Buffalo, NY

127. Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center, Buffalo, NY

126. Rhonda Becker, Palm Beach County, FL

125. Danny Shanz, Washington, D.C.

124. Katelyn Dewell, Canton, OH

123. Sam Stepanovich, Canton, OH

122. Canton Jaycee's Holiday Shopping Tour, Canton, OH

121. Canton Challenger Baseball League, Canton, OH

120. Rosemary Savage, Alexandria Bay, NY

119. Shane Simpson, Alexandria Bay, NY

118. Hearts for Youth, Alexandria Bay, NY

117. Chris Coulon, Chicago, IL

116. The Lefebvre Family, Chicago, IL

115. Canton Neighborhood Center, Canton, NY

114. Thrive DC, Washington, D.C.

113. Aidan Carter, Cleveland, OH

Monyata Evans, Cleveland, OH

Roots of American Music, Cleveland OH

The Pozuelo Family, Cleveland, OH

Lorain Community Meals Program, Cleveland, OH

Bob Russ, Canton, OH


107. Julien Henley, St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

106. Normal Moments, Chicago, IL

105. Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

104. Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center, Buffalo, NY

103. Holimont Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

102. Healing Waters, Buffalo, NY

101. Hasek's Heroes Hockey Program, Buffalo, NY

100. Excalibur Leisure Skills Center, Buffalo, NY

99. Buffalo Ski Club Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

98. Kissing Bridge Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

97. The Kiser Family, Fairfax, VA

96. Fund for Alexandria's Child, Alexandria, VA

95. Ariel and Rosetta, Canton, OH

94. The Ray Family, Springfield, OH

93. David Liebig, Canton, OH

92. Mary Jones, Canton, OH

91. John Slate, Alexandria Bay, NY

90. Alexandria Bay Community Food Pantry, Alexandria Bay, NY

89. Ron Haralson, Chicago, IL

88. Morgan Vitou, Cleveland, OH

87. Tracie Clay, Cleveland, OH

86. OH Sled Hockey, Willoughby, OH

85. Paula Triscaro, Bainbridge/Chagrin, OH

84. Adam Gaspar, Fairview Park, OH

83. Rob and Molly Marcinick, Lakewood, OH

82. Mark Holland, Parma Heights, OH

81. Mary Thomas, Chicago, IL

80. The Whipple Family, Chicago, IL

79. Joshua Zalunardo, Pine Mountain, GA

78. Canton Church & Community Program, Canton, NY

77. Amy Loper, Mannasas, VA

76. Olivia, Fairfax, VA

75. The Lyons Family, TX


74. Laura Mannas, Cleveland, OH

73. Mallory Langill, Chicago, IL 

72. Buffalo Sled Hockey, Buffalo, NY

71. Kissing Bridge Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

70. Excalibur Leisure Skills Center, Buffalo, NY

69. Hasek's Heroes, Buffalo, NY

68. Lothlorien Therapeutic Riding Center, Buffalo, NY

67. Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

66. Maurice “Shorty” & Judy Gionet, Alexandria Bay, NY

65. Alexandria Community Thrift Store, Alexandria Bay, NY

64. Michael Klotzbach, Annapolis, MD

63. Ann Smith, Chicago, IL

62. Life with Cancer, Falls Church, VA

61. The Walsh Family, Chagrin Falls, OH

60. Three Trackers of Ohio, Sagamore Hills, OH

59. Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, Cleveland, OH

58. Kelly Liskay, Parma, OH

57. Brandon Cisar, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

56. Mike & Linda Finnerty, Springfield, VA

55. Kimmy Nawara, Lockport, IL


54. Eileen Johnson, WI

53. Joseph's House, Washington, DC

52. Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program, Ellicottville, NY

51. Moving Miracles, Buffalo, NY

50. Kissing Bridge Adaptive Ski Program, Buffalo, NY

49. Buffalo Sled Hockey Program, Buffalo, NY

48. Patrick, Buffalo, NY

47. Fred, Buffalo, NY

46. Dustin, Buffalo, NY

45. The River Hospital, Alexandria Bay, NY

44. Josh Martinelli, Annapolis, MD

43. Danny Best, South Euclid, OH

42. Bethel-Lutheran Church, Biloxi, MI

41. The Billingsley Family, Cleveland, OH

40. The Wallings Family, Cleveland, OH

39. Frank DeFranco, Cleveland, OH

38. Jackie Yanafaro, Cleveland, OH


37. Jackson Re-Build Project, Jackson, MS

36. Karen Holmes, Biloxi, MS

35. Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program, Ellicottville,NY

34. Jeremiah Crowe, Grand Island, NY

33. Dawn Bernas, Kenmore, NY

32. Earth Conservation Corps, Washington, DC

31. Ana Morales, Annandale, VA

30. The Macsherry Library, Alexandria Bay, NY

29. The West Side Catholic Center, Cleveland, OH

28. Colin O'Donoghue, Cleveland, OH

27. The Taft Family, Cleveland, OH

26. Heights Youth Theatre, Cleveland, OH

25. Shawn Bentley, Fairfax, VA

24. Project Children, Washington, DC & Northern Ireland

23. Kiyas Nasrudeen, Galle, Sri Lanka

22. The Williams Family, Erie, PA


21. Good Shepherd Ministries, Inc., Washington, DC

20. Carlos Bailey, Washington, DC

19. Alexandria Bay and Wellesley Island Fire Companies, Alexandria Bay and Wellesley Island, NY

18. Youth Challenge, Cleveland, OH

17. Bellefaire JCB, Cleveland OH

16. Rachel Dorocak, Strongsville, OH


15. Suburban Breast Center, Bethesda, MD

14. The River Hospital, Alexandria Bay, NY

13. Chuck Janke, Clarion, PA


12. Marc Milkie, University Heights, OH

11. Gesu School, Philadelphia, PA

10. Jimmy Burns, Chicago, IL

9. Molly and Ricky Woofter, Charleston, SC

8. Hospice of the North Country, Plattsburgh, NY

7. The Multiple Sclerosis Society Respite Care Fund, Washington, DC


6. The Tirado Family, New York, NY

5. The Pelletier Family, New York, NY

4. Hearts for Youth, Alexandria Bay, NY

3. Mid-Town Education Foundation, Chicago, IL

2. Project H.O.P.E., Charlotte, NC


1. Sue and Anthony Ginnetti, Chagrin Falls, OH

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