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Dana Milkie

Hometown:  Bellevue, OH

Current Residence: 
Seattle, WA

Why I love being involved with Betterment: There once was this boy, his name was Marc.  He got really sick and needed some help.  Betterment immediately stepped in and not only helped him with short term needs, but helped him regain part of his soul, spirit and purpose. Since he was my brother and my hero, and I loved him deeply, I immediately loved Betterment.  Then I met the amazing people associated with Betterment and realized that I was blessed with an opportunity to be a part of their mission and the Betterment family. Ever since then, I have seen amazing people doing amazing things to directly help people in need.  It is now a part of my personal mission to do as much as I can to help Betterment positively impact as many people as possible.

community betterment