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Palm Beach County, FL

The Palm Beach Chapter is currently inactive. If you are interested in getting involved with Betterment in the Palm Beach area, or your community, please contact us via e-mail at or via phone at 410-394-9868.

The Palm Beach Chapter began in the fall of 2009 as a group of friends that wanted to make an impact on their community. In 6 years, we have raised over $30,000 by hosting a series of fundraising events to provide assistance to individuals in our local community who are having difficulties in life. Our recipients come from our network of friends and have found themselves in need, be it from illness, natural disaster, poverty or just simply bad luck but have also demonstrated generosity, courage and commitment to charitable causes within the community.   We have also partnered with local non-profits such as Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse and Extended Hands Community Outreach to allow our impact to grow beyond individuals, and to benefit other organizations who strive to improve our community.  The Palm Beach Chapter strives to create unique activities such as Play for a Purpose, Bike for Betterment, and Bon Voyage with Betterment, that we feel distinguishes us from other local charitable organizations.  Our hope is that support from Betterment will be a gift that keeps on giving -- when our recipients continue to positively impact those around them.

I just wanted to take a moment this Easter Sunday, and thank you and your team for the absolutely wonderful night last Thursday. Susan and I were completely overwhelmed by the generosity and compassion of all those who helped put on this event for us. Having spent the last 5 months primarily in hospital NICUs and PICUs, we have certainly been alerted to the fact that there are many, many families around us who have similar (or worse) circumstances. And yet, your organization chose us. Appreciative is not a strong enough word; honored comes closer but still falls short... Blessed is probably the best the English language can do to express what we have felt. Blessed, and inspired. Inspired to share the love shown to us by your organization and the community around us with others. I know this is the primary goal of the foundation, and Susan and I feel blessed to actively carry a torch in support of others who need assistance. " - Jeff Snow recipient Spring 2011

Upcoming Events:

Click here to see our Palm Beach Chapter events, as well as other Betterment chapter events.

Past Events:

Play for a purpose
Core Fitness
Swell Event
Backyard Happy Hour
Bon Voyage Event
Brrr..Baby it's cold outside
Happy Hour at Pistasche
Sake & Sushi Tasting
Bike for Betterment!
Polo for Betterment!
PBC Wine Tasting!
Betterment for the Betterment of You!
Holiday Happy Hour
Play for a Purpose
Palm Beach Chapter for their Kickoff Party!

Palm Beach County Host Committee:

Jude Kinasewitz
Meagen Springer
Amy Young

Palm Beach County Recipients:

Rachel & Riley Molhman
Cathy Cross
The Hernandez Family
American Association of Caregiving Youth
Jeremy Morris
Carolyne Ryan
Harrison Snow
Laetitia Brice
Rhonda Becker

Contact us:

Meetings are held the 2nd tuesday of each month at 6:00/6:30 - October through May

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