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Founder's Circle

The Foundation for Community Betterment’s Founders’ Circle is comprised of donors who give $5,000 or more over 5 years to support our general foundation efforts.  This group has already played a significant role in our ability to create and fulfill our mission, and now they will lead the way to our future.  Throughout  the next several years, we will include and recognize this important group in many of our events and campaign activities.  For more information on how to join the Founders’ Circle, please contact Shannon Curley Tower at  If you would like to join the Founders' Circle now, please click here.

A very special thanks to the following Founders’ Circle members (as of 12/31/12):

Ted Baroody
“Earlier this year, supporters were together getting an update on how Betterment recipients appreciate the difference the program has made in their lives. It was then when we realized that we the volunteers, donors and sponsors are the true recipients of the program. The Founders’ Circle donation is a small financial commitment considering how much good it creates and how much we all receive in return!”

Jennifer Rankin Byrne, (Griffin) and Norman Byrne
“By joining the Founders Circle, we hope to play a part in ensuring the important work that Betterment does lives on for many years to come.  As Betterment nears the 10-year mark, we marvel at the impact the organization has made on so many individuals, groups and communities alike.  We can’t wait to see what the next 10 years has in store.”

Julie Chamberlain
“It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.”
Albert Einstein

Robert and Patricia Chamberlain
“We recognize the opportunity which Betterment provides to directly impact the lives of people who require it most at a critical point in their time of need.”

Brendan, (Lindsay), (Katelyn), and Alexis Curley
“We have seen tremendous growth of Betterment through the years and continue to help people all over, it is important to continue to match that growth infrastructure to support it.  One of the greatest things is that we get to share or passion for Betterment with our kids in hopes that they will find philanthropy as important as we do.”

Patrick and Carolyn Curley
“We always feel good when we give to Betterment. It is very personal and we know the monies are helping an individual or an organization get through tough times and we also know the monies immediately impact a wide variety of recipients.”

Michael Curley
“I joined the Founders’ Circle because Betterment has taken philanthropy from an abstract concept to a series of highly personal events.  I like being part of the Betterment Family."

Shannon Curley Tower
“I am so excited to be a part of the Founders’ Circle to support Betterment!  For the last seven years, our network of family, friends, and community members have come together to be able to help countless people.   Of the recipients I know personally, I have seen how much this support has meant to them.  Now, as we come closer to our 10th anniversary, I want to assist our Betterment chapters -- as they work to impact even more lives -- by taking our organization to the next level.”

Jennifer and Max Deuble, The Deuble Foundation

Melissa and Sean Garry
“We are so proud to be a part of the Betterment Family and excited to join the Founders’s Circle.  This allows us to help make a difference in people’s lives while also teaching our family what it means to give back.  We look forward to the continual growth of Betterment as it reaches new areas while helping those in need.”

R. Walter, Moira, (Abigail), (Trey) and (Sophia) Hammond
“We made our commitment to the Founder’s Circle in the belief that Community Betterment with the right support can become a sustainable organization for our generation as well as the next.  The immediacy of the support that Betterment provides to those in its communities is an inspiration and a reminder to us that we should not lose focus on those close to us in our community who need a helping hand.  We look forward to continuing our support of Betterment today and in the future.”

MaryEllen Holcomb
“Betterment, for me, is a hands-on fund raising organization. I know the people handling the funds and I usually get to meet the recipients and hear their needs.  I decided to join the Founders Circle so I would continue to know where my contributions go rather than mailing off other contributions and never knowing how much reaches the needy. And the members are terrific!”

Todd and Carolyn Kennedy (not pictured)

Judy and Ed Knapp

Brett & Kristine Milkie (not pictured)

 Dana Milkie
“The Foundation for Community Betterment holds a very special place in the heart of the Milkie family.  It began with the initial giving to our brother (and now board member) Marc, but has continued to provide ongoing support, passion and focus for him and so many others.  It is very rare that an organization that you give to gives so much back and that is what makes Betterment so special to us.  That, and of course, the people involved!   As a family, we have been fortunate to make lifelong friendships, while having great and memorable fun.  Our support of Betterment is unwavering.”

Kay and Marc Milkie
“As recipients of Betterment’s generosity in 2002, Kay and I have been touched by the genuine caring and concern the Foundation showed our family.  Since that time, I have been involved in Cleveland, and nationally, and have seen the impact our foundation has had on numerous individuals and organizations, some of whom I have known personally.  To see the affect our gifts have on these people is priceless. We think the Founder’s Circle is a way to show our strong commitment to Betterment, and help cement the future of the Foundation.
Matthew Oates (not pictured)

Keith & Julie Patterson (not pictured)

Diane Pinkos
“I'm exciting about joining the Founders' Circle.   In supporting Betterment, I know the contributions are directly benefitting the recipients.  It's this personal contact and involvement that makes Betterment such an outstanding organization.”

Steve and Camille Pinkos (not pictured)

Paul Reichert, (Catherine), (Caroline) and Jennifer Curley Reichert
“Betterment has been part of our lives from the start – Jennifer is a founding member, and we met at a Betterment event.  Betterment is also an investment in our future – our children are starting to participate and to learn how they can impact their community.  Betterment is our way, as a family, to share our good fortune and give back to others in an immediate and personal way.”

Alex, (Charlie) and Andy Rodman
“We are so blessed to be part of the Betterment family, and the Founders’ Circle is our investment in the Betterment Family of tomorrow.  The Betterment we hope our children can enjoy and enhance for the next generation.  It is an investment in all of the volunteers who follow in our footsteps, and more importantly, an investment in the lives of all those who will need Betterment’s helping hand and helping hug in the future.”

Kerry and Joe Schmit
“Becoming a member of Betterment’s Founders Circle was an easy decision for us. Getting assistance when in need can often be an intimidating and cumbersome process, but Betterment is able to cut through the red tape. This direct giving model which offers immediate relief to people is what we find so attractive about the organization.”

Kelli Emerick and Marc-Anthony Signorino (and Maui)
“We are so honored to be a part of the amazing spirit of giving that is the Foundation for Community Betterment.  Throughout our lives, we have been blessed with so many wonderful gifts.  Betterment offers a way to give back to those who are closest to us in need.  We are touched by the goodwill and friendship that comes from sharing our blessings and helping others.”

Anthea and Shane Turner
“The one thing that touched us the most about Betterment is the fact that it was an organization that was built to help those who dedicate their lives to helping others.  Those are the people who deserve it most.  So, when we learned all that Betterment and its volunteers had been able to do in just eight short years, we knew that we wanted to help strengthen Betterment as an organization so that more volunteers could continue reaching out to the people doing good for others.”

Elizabeth Verick
"When you see the impact that a gift has on a recipient, you realize that you are equipped to make a real difference and you want it to continue on...Membership in the Founder's Circle ensures that it does."

Daniella and Gus Vlahos  (not pictured)

Frank Vlossak (not pictured)
Lisa and Mark Wasko
“We were introduced to the Betterment Foundation by our good friend, Marc Milkie (Board Member and former recipient).  Immediately we were impressed by the generosity and warmth of the people and the wonderful message this organization conveys.  It is giving families hope for tomorrow.  It takes practice to hold onto hope when things look dark.  But, for such a small word, “hope” has a huge power to carry us to a better place.  The Betterment Foundation continually strives to make all hopes and dreams a reality.  We are very proud to be associated with such a rewarding organization that impacts so many lives every day.”
Darren and Lois Willcox  (not pictured)


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