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What Our Recipients and Donors Are Saying

“What Betterment means to me is friendship, hope and this tremendous helping hand.”
~Sue Ginnetti, 2000 Washington, DC Golf Outing Recipient

To see young people like you looking for a way to give back to your community and finding a way to play while you’re doing it is inspirational.  I’ve never seen anything like it before.” 
~Patrick Shea, Director of HOPE, 2001 Charlotte Golf Outing Recipient

“The power of Betterment is that it provides the opportunities to give that many people are looking for, but are not sure how to access…Betterment enables me, in a small but significant way, to help develop community both locally and on a larger scale.” 
~Katherine Riley, Donor and Co-Host of Dan Riley Memorial Golf Tournament

What we enjoy most about Betterment is that it is people around our age making the choice to make a difference. We often hear that our age group is so lazy – but you’re out there doing something. That was a huge deal to us.” 
~Molly Woofter, 2001 Immediate Need Recipient

“As a result of Betterment’s generosity to my family, many of my friends have shared their support of our outreach efforts for other recipients...Mine is the perfect example of the foundation’s mission...a ripple effect of goodness.”

~Marc Milkie, 2002 Washington, DC Golf Outing Recipient, and Betterment Board Member 2005-present.

"The utter joy and hope that you have brought into our lives from your selfless donations and efforts cannot be adequately described in words-it is truly wonderful for us….I wish all of you could see the tears in my brother’s eyes as we write this letter. I wish you could feel the hope that we feel to know that we are not alone in this. We can only pray that God blesses each and every one of you in return for this wonderful gift you have given us. All we can say is THANK YOU!"

~Michael Janke, Brother of Chuck Janke, 2003 Charlotte Golf Outing Recipient

"…I would like to take this opportunity to say a very personal THANK YOU to Betterment for the Paddle event that was held to aid our newly salvaged River Hospital.... You can’t imagine how much the event lifted the spirits of many of us who have fought such a long and arduous battle to retain our small but vital hospital here in the beautiful Thousand Islands. To receive the enthusiastic support of your organization was truly a blessing. We hope that you will visit us any time you are in the area and as a member of the Board of Directors, I will continue to pursue the vision of making our River Hospital an object of pride and place where the needs of the sick, injured, and needy can receive the best quality medical care we can provide. I have enjoyed the visit to your web site and the pictures are spectacular testaments to the fun and joy the participants show and the remarkable beauty of the setting. THANKS FOR BEING ‘FOLKS' THAT CARE"

~Laura I. Coles, Board member, The River Hospital, 2003 Alexandria Bay Paddle Recipient

“Betterment for me is a wonderful way of touching peoples’ lives, and giving hope.”
~ Colin O'Donoghue 2005 2nd Annual Cleveland Event Recipient

“Betterment for us really encompasses the spirit of giving....of enhancing and improving lives,”
~Courtney Taft, 2005 2nd Annual Cleveland Event Recipient

“You are a special group to accomplish so much in one day.” 
~Sue Di Nardo, West Side Catholic Shelter Director, 2005 Cleveland Chapter Service Project Recipient

“I think Betterment is a means of helping very good people through very tough times. Betterment enables people in need to focus on more important matters like hope, love, family, and think less about obligations like rent, mortgage, food.”

~ Betterment Donor Joe Marziani, Cleveland, OH


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