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Special Fundraisers

Our Betterment Network is creative.  Since our inception, we’ve had a number of individuals who have come to us with unique ideas for raising money to support a friend in need.  We are honored to help people like Molly Conway, who raised funds during her marathon training in honor of a 3-year-old family friend who was diagnosed with cancer.  Or Anthea Turner, who created a series of email blasts to her network of friends so that they could come together to support a friend who had been paralyzed.


Whether you are running a race, hosting a movie night, or organizing any type of event to support a recipient in your community, Betterment can help handle a majority of your communication needs, donations and event specifics.  Please contact us at


Check out our past special fundraisers:

Help the family of Paul Rondelli, donations accepted, ongoing, Washington, DC

Matt & Nikki's Wedding, September 29, 2012, Orlando, FL

Friends of Danny Shanz, donations accepted, ongoing, Washington, DC

Damion Barkie, Williston, ND, Donations welcome, INF Recipient

Jay Bowling Fundraiser Event, August 11, 2012, Orchard Park, NY

Ben & Bridgett Klopp's Wedding, 2011, Chicago, IL

Molly's Marathon, 2010, Chicago, IL

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