Who We Help

Betterment raises money to support a variety of individuals and organizations. Individuals, families, organizations. Young, old, large, small. Betterment recipients come in all shapes and sizes from all over the country and abroad. But, there are underlying factors that characterize the individual or organization we seek to help.

The following three criteria are the standards by which each event committee selects their recipients and our national board chooses them for support.

Recipient Criteria:

  1. Immediate Impact - a Betterment grant must make an immediate difference for a person, organization or community. We do not invest in large funds or research.  Read more about the Immediate Need Fund here.

  2. In our Network - grant recipients must be recommended by someone in the Foundation's network of supporters.

  3. The Gift that Keeps on Giving - recipients, both individuals and organizations, but possess a philanthropic spirit through their past actions or commit to bettering their communities long after the grant is awarded.

If you are interested in nominating a potential Betterment recipient, please click