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Alexandria Bay, NY

Paddle Photos

In July 2001, The Alexandria Bay, NY chapter of The Foundation for Community Betterment hosted its first paddle race on the St. Lawrence River.  As one of the first Betterment events, the Alexandria Bay Paddle has become a river community tradition.  For the past ten years, this annual event has represented all that Betterment hopes to achieve, as it brings together volunteers and participants of all ages while generating the spirit of philanthropy at a local level.  The annual river paddle also demonstrates Betterment’s efforts in supporting the Alexandria Bay community, as past recipients have included local organizations as well as individual community members. 

2011 Alexandria Bay Paddle Recap:

The 11th annual Paddle for Betterment and 3nd annual Golf for Betterment events exceeded expectations financially, and there were more volunteers and participants than ever before.  We not only made our goal of giving $10,000 back to the community, but we have exceeded our goal by giving $13000 back to the community.  Thank you all for your support in making this year's events truly memorable.  Whether you paddled, volunteered, purchased a ball, raffle or 50/50 ticket,  played in the golf tournament, bought a book, or sent a donation, your contribution to these events made them not only wonderful community gatherings, but a tremendous show of support for our recipients. With your help, we are able to make a difference for three recipients in our community,  Mark Hurst Family, The Alexandria Bay Historical Society, and a new Alexandria Bay Immediate Need Fund in memory of Ron McLennan.

Click here to view the photos from previous years paddle and golf tournaments!



Past Events:

11th Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 22-23, 2011

10th Annual Paddle for Betterment

9th Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 24-25, 2009

8th Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 25-26, 2008

7th Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 27-28, 2007

6th Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 28-29, 2006

5th Annual Paddle for Betterement, July 15-16, 2005

4th Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 30-31, 2004

3rd Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 19, 2003

2nd Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 27, 2002

1st Annual Paddle for Betterment, July 7, 2001

Alexandria Bay Host Committee:

Faye and Carol Babcock
Steve Cavillario
Sandra Chaltain
Sarah Compo
Judy and Tom Compo
Pat and Carolyn Curley
Tristen Durand
Tony and Kathy Folino
Ann and Bud Garlock
Morgan Garlock
Heather Heath-McKinnon
Alyssa Lupton
Robin Martin
Nancy McLennan
Sue Pfister
Jennifer Reichert
Linda Reynolds
Millie Savarese
Gabby Slate
Lisa Slate
Jennifer Sweet
Shannon Taylor
Julie Todaro
Lori Turgeon
Geneva Wagoner
Patty Wagoner
Mary Lou Williams

Past Alexandria Bay Recipients: (In order of most recent)

16. Robin Scott
15. Reynolds Family
14. Alexandria Central School Back Pack Club
13. Rosemary Savage, Alexandria Bay, NY
12. Shane Simpson, Alexandria Bay, NY
11. Hearts for Youth, Alexandria Bay, NY
10. John Slate, Alexandria Bay, NY
9. Alexandria Bay Community Food Pantry, Alexandria Bay, NY
8. Maurice “Shorty” & Judy Gionet, Alexandria Bay, NY
Alexandria Community Thrift Store, Alexandria Bay, NY
The River Hospital, Alexandria Bay, NY
The Macsherry Library, Alexandria Bay, NY
Alexandria Bay and Wellesley Island Fire Companies, Alexandria Bay and Wellesley Island, NY
3. Hearts for Youth, Alexandria Bay, NY
2. The River Hospital, Alexandria Bay, NY
Hearts for Youth, Alexandria Bay, NY

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